We Are Your Wedding Videographers


I’m Hannah and this is my wife Kristie. We’re your wedding videographers. And this is a list of all the things we do before we come out to meet potential clients for the first time:

  1. I get home from work and feed the dog. (This week, two dogs, since we’re dog-sitting for my parents’ black lab Chance while they’re in Florida, those lucky jerks.)

  2. I sit on the couch and space out on my phone for 10 minutes until Kristie gets home from picking up Miles from daycare.

  3. Miles and I play (right now he’s into coloring with markers, reading a book called Hello, Virginia as many times as it takes to drive his mothers crazy, and climbing on the couch/stairs/dogs) while Kristie makes dinner.

  4. We eat together in the kitchen. Kristie and I tell each other about our days and chat a little about the clients we’re meeting that evening.

  5. Kristie and Miles play together while I clean up.

  6. We give Miles a bath and a bottle, then get him ready for bed together.

  7. We take turns every night putting him to bed. Kristie brings him upstairs, and I turn on “The Office,” and paint my nails with this special polish that’s supposed to make them strong and healthy.

  8. Kristie comes back downstairs, and we watch Miles fall asleep on the baby monitor. I pack up a notebook and text our neighbor to make sure she can still come over and keep an eye on the monitor (and the dogs) while we’re out.

  9. I fix up my makeup and use some mouthwash. (Oh, and put on perfume! My day job is in a fragrance-free workplace, so it’s fun when I get to use it.) Kristie changes her shirt. Our neighbor arrives.

  10. We put our coats on. I go back into the bathroom to tweeze a couple chin hairs last-minute.

  11. We head out into the cold, giggling to each other about how much fun it is to be out while it’s dark! #parentproblems

  12. I pull up the car so Kristie can get in without stepping over giant piles of snow –– but we both remember that Miles decorated a little pot at daycare on Valentine’s Day, and that when I picked him up that day, I’d immediately spilled the soil all over the front seat of my car! And not cleaned it up. (And I still haven’t cleaned it up.)

  13. She gets in the back seat instead, like a taxi.

  14. We make lots of stupid taxi jokes and I drive us downtown.

  15. We park and walk into the bar 10 minutes early (right on time).

  16. We giggle some more about being grown-ups out on the town together, take a few goofy selfies to prove it, and order two glasses of wine (rosé for her, sauvignon blanc for me).

That’s everything that happens before our prospective clients come in, in case you were ever curious! After that it’s a few rounds of poutine for the table, and lots of fun conversation (like imagining what it would be like if Paul Thomas Anderson directed romantic comedies).

We love it. We love each other. We love making wedding videos.